Andrew Lee ButtersAndrew Lee Butters is an American journalist who writes about the Middle East. A native New Yorker, he moved to Lebanon as a freelance correspondent in the summer of 2003. For the next eight years, from his home base in Beirut, he covered the region from Iran to Libya, from the war in Iraq to the Arab Spring, eventually becoming the Middle East bureau chief for TIME Magazine.

Though Andrew was born and bred in Manhattan, his mother’s family has lived in Delaware since the 17th century and is still involved in state politics. His father’s family is from Massachusetts, where his grandfather — a World War One veteran — was a bartender. Andrew has degrees in history from Brown and Cambridge universities, and in journalism from Columbia.

Andrew now lives in England with his Iranian wife, Nahid Siamdoust, who is a Ph.D. candidate in Middle Eastern Studies at Oxford University. Nahid and Andrew met in Tehran in 2008 while both were covering the 30th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution for TIME. They are expecting their first child in June. Traveling from Oxford, Andrew continues to cover the Middle East for TIME and other publications.