Watching Borat in Beirut

On any given evening in Beirut for about the last month, crowds of often angry demonstrators – mostly Shia Muslim supporters of Hizballah — have gathered downtown in hopes of bring down the Lebanon’s Sunni Muslim-led government. At the same time, crowds – though less large and less angry – have also formed at the […]

Central Beirut bombed as militants continue fire

Israel bombed central Beirut yesterday for the first time in the four-day conflict, hitting a port and a lighthouse near a picturesque seaside walkway that is a favorite spot for running, walking, and meeting friends, while Hezbollah rockets continued to rain down on northern Israel. Israeli airstrikes killed 33 Lebanese people, including many civilians, officials […]

The Israelis Strike Back: The View From Beirut

By day, Lebanon’s sunny shoreline is filled with vacationing families from the Gulf states. By night, the city’s watering holes throb with oil-rich Arab playboys and European hipsters who have flocked to see the new Beirut. Once a by-word for civil war, Lebanon’s capital was recently reborn as Middle East party central. But conflict suddenly […]