Iraq’s Christians Flock to Lebanon

The Palm Sunday celebration in the Beirut suburb of Al-Fanar looked like any of the hundreds occurring simultaneously in neighborhoods all over Lebanon. Priests led a procession of palm-frond waving parishioners, while parents snapped photos of their daughters dressed like poofy-skirted princesses. But when the signing and chanting stopped, the special nature of this community […]

The Departed: Iraqi Refugees in Syria

What happens to a country when its population grows by more than 10% in three years? In Syria, which has absorbed more than a million Iraqi refugees, you can see cosmetic transformations. Iraqi-accented Arabic is heard constantly in the caf├ęs and streets of Damascus. Real estate prices have skyrocketed. Food prices are rising. There’s even […]

Disappointed in Lebanon

Not even a week after Israel started bombing Beirut, an act of war that inadvertently revived my failing journalism career, friends began e-mailing their concern and wondering whether my suddenly frequent appearances on television would finally change my luck with the ladies of Lebanon. But the reality of life under siege is not so glamorous. […]